Plastic Egg Packs

We are very happy to announce a major achievement for our company. After years of importing, We are proud to present the newly manufactured plastic egg containers in Egypt!
EPERIENCE EGYPTIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our plastic egg containers embody a combination of Egypt's rich heritage and modern innovation. Manufactured with precision and care, it guarantees protection and freshness for all producers and distributors of table eggs.
Multiple sizes to meet your needs. Choose from our range of sizes
6 eggs, 10 eggs, 15 eggs, 18 eggs, and be waiting for a 30 egg pack soon!
COMFORT AND DURABILITY: Our plastic egg containers feature secure, stackable closing mechanisms and easy carry handles, making them easy to use and transport. Goodbye damaged eggs and messy storage!
SUPPORTING LOCAL PRODUCTION: By manufacturing our egg cartons in Egypt, we are proud to contribute to the growth of the local economy and create job opportunities for skilled workers.
Upgrade your egg storage experience with high quality plastic egg containers, proudly manufactured in Egypt. Join us in celebrating this exciting achievement and support local craftsmanship!